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Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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Fish Farming Success


Arnold is a community farming developer, who has been doing vast farm pilot projects to see their strength and weaknesses before encouraging others. 
I believe in first hand experience, that’s my passion. 

This time l am stuck with fish farming, l started with a local fish pond . Slow growth and they hide away , not very much fun. I was introduced to Tilapia fish by a Mutasa agriculture extension officer who invited me for training in their area 70 miles away from my area . The training was made possible byProfeeds a feed and fingerling producing company with support from UKAid. 

I realized that fish farming is more refreshing and therapeutic yet an income generating project that everyone in the family wants to be a part of. I feed my fish with my wife and 6 year old son is always reminding us of the feeding time because he enjoys watching the fish feed. Tilapia fish also reduce the spread of Malaria by eating mosquito larvae.

I have 2 Tilapia fish pond that house 1000 e pond , the first one has fish that are 5 months old and the other ones are 1 1/2 months old. Harvesting is at 6 months so look out for a detailed out come then. If funding permits l intend to build up 3 more ponds to make this a viable profitable business. If community landscape and resources are used wisely and sustainably it can bring income and improve the standard of living for many households.