Compassionate Consultative Initiative Project
Tuesday, March 20, 2018
Connecting with the United Methodist Church in Zimbabwe to minister in Jesus' name


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Individual/Family- $25.00 annually 
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Institution/Organization - $100.00 annually 
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Membership is open to any person, institution or organization interested in the purposes of CCIP-Zimbabwe, and who share the values of the same. CCIP-Zimbabwe members are allowed one (1) vote each at annual meetings called by the Board of Directors. Members will receive updates and newsletters, may be elected to the Board of Directors or its committees, and enjoy all membership privileges!
Please print this form. And mail it with payment (payable to CCIP-Zimbabwe) to
Janet Heyka, 1570 140 Road, Belleville, KS 66935
CCIP-Zimbabwe is a 501 C (3) organization.
Thank you.