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Wednesday, February 24, 2021
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“Is Feeding the Children”

 By Bob Unruh, President of C.C.I.P.



                  WeCareEd began in July 2015. It began with an idea I had, as my wife Priscilla and I were making plans to join with the annual VIM group in 2015 traveling to Zimbabwe. I thought it would be good to have some funds with me to support a child in need, so a special child, would be able to continue their education and stay in school. A child the Lord led me too! That was my concept!

                  And now for the Story… My extended Unruh family every two years holds a family reunion in which we all get together (siblings, cousins, grandkids, aunts, uncles, whoever we can find – this year we had 48 attend), we gather for an extended weekend of visiting and reacquainting with all the extended family. Each Yr we gather at our rural residence and this party lasts from Friday through Sunday and is usually held over July 4 weekend.

                  This past 2015 was such an event in our Unruh family. My idea was to take some funds (not knowing how much) with me to use for the described purpose assisting a child’s education. I had mentioned this to some of my family. My youngest daughter Robyn offered as one of the family events to sponsor a small children’s lemonade stand (we have many events over this weekend as it’s a big gala family fun time with all kinds of crazy things happening and everyone thoroughly enjoys their time). Further Robyn announced the kids would donate their lemonade stand money to my idea of assisting a child in Zimbabwe. Little did I or any of us in the family know how this would work out?

                  First I’d remind you of the story of the feeding of the Five Thousand in the New Testament. People gather, (scripture says about 5,000) to hear Jesus preach and heal and in effect serve the people and their needs. But first he asks the disciples to feed the people, and he asks the disciples to see what food can be gathered for this cause. And they brought forth a young lad with 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread. And the disciples essentially said to our Lord ‘that is all we have – how can this little bit do any good’! And then Jesus proceeded to bless the offering and commanded the disciples to feed the followers. And what happened? Everyone was fed (there as plenty for everyone) and after everyone had been fed, they gathered the crumbs and scripture tells us there were 12 baskets full collected. -  - And now let me tell you our family experience! Well the lemonade stand raised $28.95. The cost for a child to go to their gov’t school in Zimbabwe is $30 p/term and there are 3 terms p/yr so the cost to educate a child for 1 Yr is $90. The $28.95 had been put in an envelope and laid on my desk in my office. I’d noticed the envelope with the amount written on the envelope but did not pay any real attention to it as I thought, ‘oh that’s money I’ll take to Zimbabwe and I will add a little something to it’! That was Saturday afternoon and I wanted to enjoy my time with family, as we all were doing with each other, so again I didn’t even bother to open the envelope. Remember the fact in this story that the smallest of our family (5 little tots) had held the lemonade stand, and we adults to support the little ones, had mostly all gone up to the stand and bought lemonade from them… To further the story or the plot… our family event as I say ends on Sunday but not before we have a Sunday morning family gathered worship service in our living room. Someone from the family will give a message, (this past Yr that was my sister Louise) – and she spoke on when the good angels come to us and awaken ourselves and our inner self to whom we should be and what we should be about – a very good message indeed!  We sing some, there is a special music presentation and then the message, (something like a usual church service – for on this Sunday we are not in our churches). After this was all finished my Brother-in-Law Charles says I have an announcement, and goes on to say how he is so impressed with all the talent in the family! And after that announcement I said, ‘well I also have an announcement’ and I proceeded to thank everyone for supporting the lemonade stand and told all what my plans were with the $28.95 – to assist a child in Zimbabwe. And then things began to happen and in a sense it got out of control or at least out of our control! Sister Louise said pass the basket for an offering, (normally we’ve not taken an offering), and I was holding the envelope with the $28.95 so I put that in the basket and sent the basket around the room for those who might wish to participate in an offering not really thinking it probably would amount to much. Matt, husband of Krista (niece of mine), stood up and challenged the family to do something special to support kids in Zimbabwe so they could go to school (both Krista and Matt are school teachers), and I’m sure as I mentioned not all kids can go to school struck a nerve with Matt beings he is a dedicated teacher. Again as I had mentioned in my announcement truly it is not uncommon that kids cannot go or stay in school due to not having money to pay school fees. So when the basket was passed around and came back to me, again I picked it up and took it to the office and again simply laid it on my desk and thus no one yet had counted it, as we were going to eat a light lunch and then everyone was going to leave and I wanted to wish everyone the best! A bit later another set of grandparents stopped by to pick up some of their grandkids and take them to their home in Salina for a visit, this was Frank and Shirley Pakarek. Frank being a retired Lutheran pastor is always interested in our work in Zimbabwe and so Frank asked, as he knew we were readying for the upcoming trip, how our plans were coming along for the Zimbabwe trip? I immediately thought of the offering and asked Frank if he would count it? He agreed and he wrote on the same envelope after counting it, $899.01 as this was our final offering. Needless to say I could not belief those numbers. And from this moment I began to tell some of our friends and acquaintances how we now had nearly $1,000 to take to Zimbabwe to support children. As Priscilla and I would tell the story many then said, ‘hey we too would like to be a part of that offering’! And finally the account grew to be a little over $2,100 enough to support the 20 children for the whole Yr which you see in our pictures, etc..

                  And so here I believe we have a living example of how the feeding of the 5,000 transpired. Robyn and our smallest in the family innocently brought $28.95 and it grew to over Two Thousand Dollars! And now educates twenty primary age children. Something that started so small and so insignificant just as the Lad and 2 fishes and 5 loaves, now is educating 20 kids and we hope and pray it will grow larger for this next Yr, 2017, so we can keep the 20 children we have and can add more children!

                  And so today we pay for an entire Yr for each of the 20 children who are in 6 different schools. These children are selected by the Headmaster of the school with the assistance of the ministerial support of that particular community. They select 3-4 children from the schools, these are considered by the local selection committee to be the neediest. And that essentially is how the program operates today. They give us the names and the total cost, we then forward the funds on behalf of each child to the respective school for those children selected at that school.

                  $28.95 was the very beginning of WeCareEd and the feeding of minds (educating) of children. And now you and I know that a miracle that happened in scriptures as told by our Lord, this miracle is still alive and well in the 21st century as he still feeds you and I and this Yr 20 primary age children in Zimbabwe and being fed! God Bless Each of You This Very Day who participated! And if you did not know about this miracle, maybe you too will want to be part of the Miracle of Feeding the Children!

Should you care to be a part, you may send your donations to our treasurer or use the link on our website for a donation.


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