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Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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Encouraging the growing of sunflowers and making oil from seeds to provide incomes for farmers and factory workers.  

  Report from Arnold Mukwindidza:


Greetings to you all. I am thankful that I had a blessed trip in early March to meet our farmers. I am also blessed to let you know that the same farmers I met earlier are part of the group that visited Nyanga. We had a blessed meeting.

Bob we have almost enough moisture for our sunflower, more would be an added advantage. Most of the farmers are taking care of the crop . We have a few people who are getting encouraged to care for their crop when we visit. I believe field trips are effective. Some of the farmers did not exhaust all the seed citing to the delays of the seed.

My March trip will give us a more picture of how many tonnes  we will receive but our agent who does fortnightly trips say we are likely to get above fifty tonnes this season. We also have people who have grown their own seed and they want us to buy it too. As we traveled we have new areas to explore because we meet with people who tell us they grow sunflower in their villages.
Now I will take you to sunflowers in pictures...
 We contract with farmers to grow sunflowers. 
The seeds are harvested and transported to our factory in Mutare, where they are processed into oil.
It is a dirty process, but the oil comes out clear and bright.

The oil is sold to customers in Mutare and surrounding areas.


This is Mabvazuwa Sunflower Oil. Africa's best homegrown cooking oil. It benefits the Zimbabwe farmers who grow the seeds and the Zimbabwe factory workers who process it into oil.