Compassionate Consultative Initiative Project
Wednesday, October 21, 2020
Connecting with the United Methodist Church in Zimbabwe to minister in Jesus' name

The Skills Training Center

These children are potential future students of the Skills Training Center. You can help them attend by donating to CCIP Zimbabwe. Thank you.
These young men are seeking scholarships to attend advanced studies. Also pictured is Kennedy Mukwindza (third from right) executive director of CCIP.

Front entrance of the Skills Training Center
Volunteer in Mission team members helping to
install a ceiling in one of the classrooms
The Skills Training Center offers training opportunities for dress making, tailoring, carpentry, fruit and vegetable canning, toll making and repairs, bookkeeping, animal husbandry and farming, metal work, and craft work.
Our basic goal in offering the Skills Training Center is to develop with God's help the competencies and character traits most practical to the African context. There is need for a block of classrooms where people will develop basic survival skills using available resources to pick up the pieces of their lives shuttered by social, economic, political, and psychological depression.

 Pictured are Scott Hannon (secretary of CCIP Zimbabwe), Emmauel Mupanda (Centre Administrator), and Jason Muwandi (Chairperson)