Compassionate Consultative Initiative Project
Wednesday, October 21, 2020
Connecting with the United Methodist Church in Zimbabwe to minister in Jesus' name

April 2020 Director's Report!




The past year has been a very interesting one. We started with a lot of excitement recruiting volunteers for our 2020 mission trip to Zimbabwe. With Dennis Wallace, we put in place a time line for our summer mission trip. Our goal was to organize several mission trip to revive excitement on our activities. By the beginning of January we had two tentative trips planned.


Our second goal was to organize several Taste of Africa activities in different locations around the State of Kansas. Handove United Methodist church has bought in and scheduled a repeat of Taste of Africa event end of August. Negotiations were on going with McPherson First UMC, Salina Trinity UMC and Bird City UMC.


Our hope was if we have several activities around Kansas, we will get more people interested, and may be willing to participate in our mission related activities and even joining CCIP-Zimbabwe as members. Hope is not lost! We wish to continue planning activities in this direction going forth.


Communication and activities with the people in Zimbabwe continues. Maonde Trust has been a blessing to our activities. The projects related to Maonde include the Sewing club activities. We are renting a District Council facility for our activities and have several clubs, five to date who are working together. Our last newsletter shared some good information concerning their work. We are currently carrying out a trial market outlet with the World Mosaioc Market in San Antonio TX. We have yielded about $125.00 from the sales of items there. We have more items from our recent mission trip to Zimbabwe which need to go there. We will send these when the Coronavirus pandemic is defeated.


The other project we are working with the Maonde Trust is the fishing exploration. Chitakatira Primary school has one pond and Arnold has two ponds. Our current newsletter testifies to this project as a success. It is up to us whether we want to expand and more into the community or establish a business enterprise that would provide employment and nutrition to the community. We need to work with the people on the ground and discuss way forward. The other related projects at the school have been put on the hold due to the Coronavirus pandemic Arnold and one of the agriculture teachers are maintain g and taking care of these projects.


Our March mission trip was very successful. We had eight people from Belle Plaine UMC and Coldwater UMC. We worked on the parsonage at Arnoldine Mission station. We worked for only four days but the impact was far greater that the number of days spent there. The relationships created via Whatsup interactions is still going on strong; the fellowship experienced during those four days will never be erased from people's memories. Some of the team members from Belle Plaine wants to go back despite the scare of the pandemic 


I was able to go to Mutare to visit some of our projects there for two days. I was able to visit Chitakatira primary school, the Skills Training Center, the sewing club, the fishing project and the newly installed DS of Mutare Rev Tendayi Makono. I was able to give a small monetary gifts to each of these and thank them for the wonderful work they are doing.


My visit with the new DS for Mutare was very encouraging. Rev. Makono promised me that he would like to renew our relationship with the district and improve lines of communication. We panned to have more discussions during our Summer mission trip which off course if counseled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Going forward, the world is experiencing something new and very different. Boone know what the future holds for its creation. But one thing for me is certain; God is with us! God is in charge no matter what happens. We will continue with our one on one activities. Some of you will get more calls from me. The best way of sailing through a storm or crisis is to remain calm and sober. Do a lot of behind the scene activities to improve connectedness. We need to remain connected; guard what we have and plan for a new day.


Let us keep the projects we have going! Let us keep up with our payment dues and more! Let us invite a friend to join us. In Zimbabwe, we need to think of protecting the little we have there, several sewing machines and a tractor. We need a store room at a safe place. This storm will pass and our work will go on!


Thank you and God bless you all!

Kennedy Mukwindidza.