Compassionate Consultative Initiative Project
Wednesday, October 21, 2020
Connecting with the United Methodist Church in Zimbabwe to minister in Jesus' name

Information About CCIP



Compassionate Consultation Initiative Project - Zimbabwe (CCIP-Zimbabwe) began as a multicultural covenant group in Manhattan, Kansas(1998). The initial purpose of the covenant group was to celebrate our diversity and share the richness in our differences for the benefit of our communities.

The vision  of Compassionate Consultation Initiative Project is to share the love of Jesus Christ in ways that make a Christian difference through participating in a mission opportunity. The mission of CCIP - Zimbabwe is to equip, serve and care for people at risk in a way that reduces poverty and dependence.

The interest of the group increased and the boundaries expanded. Beginning In 2000, special Volunteer-in-Mission (VIM) groups started going to Zimbabwe to further explore new possibilities for multicultural mission projects. As a result of these three visits to Zimbabwe, Eddie Musabayana, then acting Chief Zimunya and Kennedy Mhondoro, a leading member of Mutare District of the Zimbabwe Annual Conference of the post colonial challenges of the church in Zimbabwe.

The people of Kansas heard of the plight of the people in ZImbabwe and together with the people in Zimbabwe pledged to build a Skills Training Center in Zimunya area where the chief had donated over 60 hectares of land to the church for the construction of the Skills Training Center.

Together we have started a honorable project which has a great potential of reducing poverty by giving both youth and young adults survival skills. Together we can finish the project and move some people out of poverty. CCIP - Zimbabwe gets its name and mission from Matthew 9:36 which embraces the essence of faith, compassionate and service. Both groups and individuals can become part of CCIP - Zimbabwe in three major ways:

1. Pray for the reduction of poverty in Zimbabwe.
2. Presence is healing and assuring, join a VIM team to Zimbabwe.
3. Make a contribution to CCIP - Zimbabwe in honor or memory of
loved one.

Thank you for your interest in Compassionate Consultation Consultation Initiative Project - Zimbabwe

Kennedy Mukwindidza
Project Coordinator