Compassionate Consultative Initiative Project
Thursday, April 18, 2019
Connecting with the United Methodist Church in Zimbabwe to minister in Jesus' name

Welcome to Compassionate Consultative Initiative Project (CCIP) - Zimbabwe

The United Methodist Church in Zimbabwe and the United Methodist Church in the United States together in Ministry

Major initiatives:

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If you would like more information about the work we are doing in Zimbabwe, please contact:
Rev. Dr. Kennedy F. Mukwindidza
Coldwater United Methodist Church
203 N Philadelphia, Coldwater, KS 67029

                                                 Cell: 620-382-5480
To donate to the work of Compassionate Consultation Initiative Project, please send click on the Donate icon.
Or mail a check to:
Mark Mohesky
7055 E. 35th Circle North
Wichita, KS 67226