Compassionate Consultative Initiative Project
Wednesday, October 21, 2020
Connecting with the United Methodist Church in Zimbabwe to minister in Jesus' name

Creating and Maintaining Programs that Help Individuals in Zimbabwe to Become Self-Sufficient in Business and Agriculture

Here is a true fish story 


CCIP-Zimbabwe is helping to feed people with a fish farm developed by Arnold Mukwindidza, who is a community farming developer. He has been doing vast farm pilot projects to see their strength and weaknesses before encouraging others. He says, "I believe in first hand experience, that’s my passion." 
For more information about Arnold and the fish farm, click here.



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If you would like more information about the work we are doing in Zimbabwe, please contact:  Pastor Kennedy Mukwindidza, Coldwater United Methodist Church, PO Box 22, Coldwater, KS 67029-0022, Cell: 620-382-5840,